Android platform autorun

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rk3288 android6.0.1

 Edit /system/bin/

 Power on, please following in cmd line:

shell@rsb4680:/ $ su
root@rsb4680:/ # mount -rw -o remount /system
root@rsb4680:/ # busybox vi /system/bin/

rk3399 android7.1.2

Edit /system/bin/

Power on, Connect to the board through adb and enter the following command:

$ adb root
# adb disable-verity
# adb reboot

Wait for the board to restart

$ adb root
# adb remount

Please following in cmd line:

shell@rk3399_rsb4710:/ $ su 
root@rk3399_rsb4710:/ # busybox vi /system/bin/

imx6 android4.4.2 and android6.0

 Create and edit /data/

 Power on, please following in cmd line:

root@rsb6410 # touch /data/
root@rsb6410 # busybox vi /data/


1、USE "#!/system/bin/sh" in .sh