How to flash the Debian image into RSB-4680

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 0. Need to use Micro USB to connect with RSB-4680 OTG port, and other Type-A USB to connect with your PC .



4680A3AIM20DIV230009 2021-04-13 contain.PNG

1.  For  RKDevTool , need to modify the config file  , to select English setting . I have added the file in the attached file , please replace  the .ini file into RKDevTool  folder .

 please modified "Selected = 2 " (For English language)


2.  Install DriverAssitant 

DriverAssitant 4680 5.0.png

3.    Change CN19 ,

Default : pin2 & pin3 connect with a Jumper ,please change pin 1 & pin 2 to connect with Jumper and connect with Micro USB with RSB-4680 OTG port , then turn on the power .


4. Execute RKDVTool.ext in the RKDevTool_Release folder 

RK tool.PNG

5. Found a “MaskROM” Device

   Althoght the tool version is different , but the flash method is the same.  

RK tool 279.PNG


Note:   It means "Found a MASKROM Device "  


6.  Before we have changed pin 1 & pin 2 to connect with Jumper, Now we need to change back to pin2 & pin3 to connect with Jumper . (Did not need to turn off the power ) .

7. Execute “執行(execute)“ , it will start to flash Debian image into eMMC flash


Note :  It means "Execute" 


RTENOTITLE--Phill.liu (talk) 04:03, 10 June 2021 (CEST)

Note:  It means "Download" now . the tool is downloading into Device. 


8. When “下載完成(Download finish )” , please unplug the Micro USB with RSB-4680 , then turn off and turn on the power again .


Note:  It means " Done" , the tool already finished. 


9. Please remove the Micro USB and the poewer , then reboot the device , you will see the Debian Desktop.