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User Guide for using mfgtool

Download Mfgtools

Yocto 2.1
branch = 4.1.15
git clone -b branch

Enter recovery mode


Set the correct boot mode, then power on.


Set the correct boot mode, then power on.


Set the correct boot mode, please do not insert the boot SD card. Then power on.


Other Projects

Set eng mode,then power on(1-off,2-on)
Other project mfgtool.jpg

Connect the OTG to the PC

After connecting to PC, a HID-compliant device will be shown in the Device
Dm mfgtool.jpg

Modify config file

modify cfg.ini

chip = Linux


name = ADV adv-loader & Image

imx6q-epcrs200-a1	1G
imx6dl-ebcrs03-a1	1G
imx6dl-ubc220-a1	1G
imx6q-ubc220-a1	1G
imx6q-ebcrb01-a1	1G
imx6q-ebcrs03-a1	2G
imx6qp-rom7421-a1	1G
imx6qp-rom7421-a1	2G
imx6q-rom3420-a1	1G
imx6q-rom3420-a1	2G
imx6q-rom5420-a1	1G
imx6q-rom5420-a1	2G
imx6q-rom5420-b1	1G
imx6dl-rom5420-b1	1G
imx6dl-rom5420-b1	2G
imx6q-rom5420-b1	2G
imx6q-rom7420-a1	1G
imx6q-rom7420-a1	2G
imx6q-rsb4410-a1	1G
imx6q-rsb4410-a2	1G
imx6q-rsb4411-a1	1G
imx6q-epcrs200-a1	1G
imx6q-rsb4411-a1	2G
imx6dl-rom5420-b1	512M
imx6dl-rom7421-a1	1G
imx6dl-rom7421-a1	512M
imx7d-ebcrm01-a1	2G 
DDR = 1G
board = imx6q-rsb4411-a1
mmc = 0
image = fsl-image-qt5-imx6qrsb4411-20141218174618.rootfs.sdcard

which operation you want to do

name = 
ADV adv-loader & Image adv-loader & Image for i.MX6
ADV kernel		update zImage and dtb file for i.MX6
ADV u-boot		update u-boot for i.MX6
ADV adv-loader		update adv-loader for i.MX6
ADV imx7 u-boot	update u-boot for i.MX7
ADV imx7 qspi u-boot	update u-boot to qspi for i.MX7
ADV imx7 kernel	update zImage and dtb file for i.MX7
ADV imx7 Image	update total image for i.MX7

define config variable

DDR = (size of memory)
board = (projects name)
mmc = ( “0” means “emmc” ,”1” means “SD Card” .)
image = (If you want to update whole image,fill the image file name )

Copy file

You must copy file to Profiles\Linux\OS Firmware\files\imx6qrsb4411a1-1G\

ADV Image 		fsl-image-qt5-imx6qrsb4411-20141218174618.rootfs.sdcard
ADV kernel		zImage and dtb file
ADV u-boot		u-boot_crc.bin.crc & u-boot_crc.bin
ADV adv-loader		SPL
ADV imx7 u-boot 	u-boot-imx7d-ebcrm01-a1-2G.imx
ADV imx7 qspi u-boot 	u-boot-imx7d-ebcrm01-a1-2G.imx
ADV imx7 kernel 	zImage and dtb file
ADV imx7 Image 		fsl-image-qt5-imx7debcrm01a1-20190102101920.rootfs.sdcard

Running mfgtool and update

running the MfgTool2.exe and update

  1. If you can’t running mfgtool2.exe, you can check MfgTool.log
  2. Click “Start”,you can get information form debug console
    Debug mfgtool.jpg
  3. After update finish,it will be shown below
  4. Click “Exit” to terminate the application.