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User Guide for using mfgtool

Step 1


Set the correct boot mode, then power on.


  1. ATX mode
    In power off state,press power key for 5 secs and release
  2. AT mode
    Press power key ,then plug AC adapter,release power key after 5 secs

Other Projects

Set end mode,then power on(1-off,2-on)
Other project mfgtool.jpg

Step 2

Connect the OTG to the PC

After connecting to PC, a HID-compliant device will be shown in the Device
Dm mfgtool.jpg

Step 3

modify cfg.ini

path: mfgtools/cfg.ini
chip = Linux

board = SabreSD

name = ADV u-boot

dtb = imx6dl-rom5420-b1
mmc = 0
image = fsl-image-x11-imx6qrom5420-20141218174618.rootfs.sdcard

which operation you want to do

name = 
ADV Image 		update whole image(including rootfs)
ADV kernel		update zImage and dtb file
ADV u-boot		update u-boot
ADV adv-loader		update adv-loader

define config variable

dtb = (name of dtb file)
mmc = ( “0” means “emmc” ,”1” means “SD Card” .)
image = (If you want to update whole image,fill the image file name )