Linux BSP User Guide for rk3288 series Debian9

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Linux BSP Version

Debian 9 stretch
Linux version 4.4.143

Get Docker Image

$ sudo docker pull advrisc/u16.04-rk3288lbv1

Config Docker

$ mkdir -p ~/work/code/rk3288_debian
$ sudo docker run -it --name rk3288_linux --privileged -v ~/work/code/rk3288_debian:/home/adv/code:rw advrisc/u16.04-rk3288lbv1:latest /bin/bash
$ exit       //This command run in dock workspace. It means exit dock workspace to host workspace.

Note : 

The above commands only need run in the first time .

Start Docker

$ sudo docker start rk3288_linux
$ sudo docker attach rk3288_linux

Note : 

After run the above two commands, you will work in dock workspace .

You can get debian source code and build them in dock workspace.

Exit Docker

$ exit 

Getting Debian Source Code

$ cd ~/code
$ git clone
$ mkdir rk3288_debian
$ cd rk3288_debian
$ ../repo/repo init -u -b rk3288_linux_v2.0 -m default.xml
$ ../repo/repo sync
$ ../repo/repo forall -c git checkout -b local --track advantech-github/rk3288_linux_v2.0
$ sudo dpkg -i rootfs/ubuntu-build-service/packages/*
$ sudo apt-get install -f

Build U-boot

Build RSB-4680 U-boot

$ export TOP=`pwd`
$ cd $TOP
$ cd u-boot/
$ ./ rsb4680a3-2G-rk3288

Build EBC-RB03 U-boot

$ export TOP=`pwd`
$ cd $TOP
$ cd u-boot/
$ ./ ebcrb03a2-2G-rk3288

Build USM-110 U-boot

$ export TOP=`pwd`
$ cd $TOP
$ cd u-boot/
$ ./ usm110a2-2G-rk3288

Build Kernel

Build RSB-4680 Kernel

$ cd $TOP 
$ cd kernel/ 
$ make ARCH=arm rk3288_adv_defconfig 
$ make ARCH=arm rk3288-rsb4680-a3.img -j12

​Build EBC-RB03 Kernel

$ cd $TOP
$ cd kernel/
$ make ARCH=arm rk3288_adv_defconfig
$ make ARCH=arm rk3288-ebcrb03-a2.img -j12

Build USM-110 Kernel

$ cd $TOP
$ cd kernel/
$ make ARCH=arm rk3288_adv_defconfig
$ make ARCH=arm rk3288-usm110-a2.img -j12

Build Recovery

$ cd $TOP
$ rm buildroot/output/rockchip_rk3288_recovery -rf
$ source 20
$ ./ recovery

For recovery.img includes kernel and recovery tools, kernel MUST be built before recovery.

Build Rootfs

$ cd $TOP
$ cd rootfs/
$ sudo ARCH=armhf ./
$ sudo ARCH=armhf ./
$ sudo ARCH=armhf ./
$ sudo ./

Creating the ext4 image

$ cd $TOP
$ sudo ./

If there is no error, the following ten files will be found in $TOP/rockdev/ :
boot.img  MiniLoaderAll.bin  misc.img  oem.img  parameter.txt  recovery.img  rootfs.img  trust.img  uboot.img  userdata.img

How to do about update RK3288 Platform?

There are two ways to update images : 

Android Tool

Update image through AndroidTool

SD card

Update image through SD-Card


This way only support Linux(Debian9) upgrade to Linux(Debian9) 、 Android6.0 upgrade to Android6.0 or Android8.1 upgrade to Android8.1.

If the device is in Android, you want to upgrade to Linux(Debian9), please use Android Tool.

User and password

Here are default user and password:

linaro 123456

root 123456

How to Config 4G-module

How to config 4G module for rk3288 series Debian9

How to Config Multi-Display

How_to_config_Multi-Display for rk3288 series Debian9