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*[https://www.mbed.com/en/ Arm Mbed]
*[https://www.mbed.com/en/ Arm Mbed]
*[[EPD-132_User_Manual|EPD-132 EVK User Manual]]
*[[EPD-132_User_Manual|EPD-132 EVK UM]]
*[[EPD-130_User_Manual|EPD-130 User Manual]]
*[[EPD-130_User_Manual|EPD-130 UM]]
*[[EPD-132_ePaper_Manager_Solution|EPD-132 + GW To ePaper Manager User Manual]]
*[[EPD-132_Development_User_Manual|EPD-132 API UM]]
*[[EPD-132_Development_User_Manual|EPD-132 Development User Manual]]

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Cloud Service
IoT Gateway Sensor Hub (MCUs)
Cloud Solutions Software Application/SDK Gateway Solutions Software Application/SDK MCU Solution Software Application/SDK
Software Service
Image Porting Software Application/SDK Linux BSP Android BSP
Wireless Connectivity
Personal Area Networks Local Area Networks Neighborhood Area Networks
  • LoRa
  • Sigfox
Software & Development Tools
Node-RED Alliance Protocol Freeboard Container
  • For SusiIoT
  • For RMM
Software QA
Service Technique Platform
  • Jenkins
  • TestLink
  • AutoTesting
  • Node-RED for QA
  • Hard Disk
  • Platform
Software AE
Service Product Support