Qt5Creator toolchain Qt 5.11.3

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Debian10(buster) is highly recommended OS to develop.

All operations in this guide are based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit only.
First please install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64bit* with minimum 2GB memory.

Installing required packages

Please login and perform the following commands:

$ sudo apt-get install -y gcc-8-arm-linux-gnueabihf g++-8-arm-linux-gnueabihf
$ sudo apt-get install -y gcc-8-aarch64-linux-gnu g++-8-aarch64-linux-gnu

Installing cross toolchain

Please download RK3288(Password: gm9i) and RK3399(Password: 0kkn) cross compiler toolchain first. Then execute the following command to unzip the cross compiler tool to the /opt directory

For RK3288

$ sudo rm -rf /opt/toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3/rk3288/
$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3/rk3288/
$ sudo tar -zxf rk3288_toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3_*.tar.gz -C /opt/toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3/rk3288/

For RK3399

$ sudo rm -rf /opt/toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3/rk3399/ 
$ sudo mkdir -p /opt/toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3/rk3399/ 
$ sudo tar -zxvf rk3399_toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3_*.tar.gz -C /opt/toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3/rk3399/

Working within QtCreator

The method of using this toolchain with qtcreator is the same as 5.9.4 toolchain. Therefore, you can refer to rk3288_qt5Creator.

However, the following differences need to be noted:

Config QtCreator ---- Qt Versions

  1. Bring up the options dialog using "Tools" -> "Options..."
  2. Select the "Build & Run" page on the left, switch to "Qt Versions" tab, and click "Add..."
  3. Select qmake file
    Select "/opt/toolchain_Qt_V5.11.3/rk3288/sysroot/qmake-debian-buster-armhf".
  4. Input Version name "Qt 5.11.3 (RK3288 )".


Config QtCreator ---- Kits

  1. Bring up the options dialog using "Tools" -> "Options..."
  2. Select the "Build & Run" page on the left, switch to "Kits" tab, and click "Add..."
  3. Click "Add".
    input "RK3288 toolchain"
    Device Tpye
    Select "Generic Linux Device"
    Select "RK3288"
    Select "GCC 8(C,arm 32bit in /usr/bin)" and "GCC 8(C++,arm 32bit in /usr/bin)"
    Qt version
    Select "Qt 5.11.3 (RK3288)"