Ubuntu L4T User Guide

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Getting Started

Host Environment

Ubuntu 18.04 (recommended) or 16.04

Force Recovery Mode

To enter force recovery mode, you can do:

1. Hold the Recovery key
2. Power on device
3. Wait for 5 seconds and you can release the Recovery key

Once it enters recovery mode successfully, the HDMI output should be disabled and also you can detect a new "nvidia apx" device.

Flash Pre-built Image

Install SDK Components

SDK Manager

Download the SDK Manager for Jetson TX2 series from JetPack website.

You will need a nVidia developer account for access.

After download complete, install via dpkg.

$ sudo dpkg -i sdkmanager_0.9.14-4964_amd64.deb

Then, you're able to run SDK manager.

$ sdkmanager



Deepstream Samples

Deepstream Reference Apps