x86 Yocto BSP FAQ

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bitbake failed

ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed


It usually happens on low performance host machine, and almost the qt* or clang* are the failed ones.


  • build the failed one individually
(It is recommended to use this way first.)
$ bitbake -k clang
$ bitbake -k qtwebkit
  • decrease number of threads used for the parallel build.
(The less number of threads will take more time to finish the whole building process.)
get original nummber of threads
$ grep "BB_NUMBER_THREADS" conf/local.conf | sed "s/.*\"\(.*\)\"$/\1/"
set new number of threads
$ sed -i "s/BB_NUMBER_THREADS.*/BB_NUMBER_THREADS = \"${THREADS}\"/" conf/local.conf
(remember to replace the ${THREADS} with the appropriate one)

make error


  • clean the failed one, then re-build it individually
$ bitbake -k ${failed_package} -c clean
$ bitbake -k ${failed_package}