MIO-2361 Yocto 3.0_1.0.0004 BSP Release Notes

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This BSP is based on Yocto 3.0 ("Zeus") and Intel Yocto BSP 6.0 (Intel-corei7-64).

Major packages version list

Package Version
Linux Kernel 5.4.8
Systemd 243.2
Chromium 79.0.3945
Docker-ce 19.03.2
SUSI 4.2.16327
Qt5 5.13.2
Qt5 Creator 4.9.2

Quick Start Guide

Please check this out.

Docker image for Build Environment

Please check this out.

How to create installer USB

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Revision History

Version Date Description
v1.0.0002 2021-05-06 alpha version
v1.0.0004 2021-05-27 fix some issues, see Changelogs for details

Known issues

Subject Work Around
root user playback video file via VLC media player will pop "Audio output failed"
Hardware acceleration can not enable while playback video on Youtube via Chromium