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| style="width: 400px; text-align: center;" |  
| style="width: 400px; text-align: center;" |  
<span style="font-size:larger;">&nbsp;[file://eossfs/ESS-Release/EdgeSense/Release/Windows/POC-Battery/1.0.7 POC-IPSM90-1.0.7.exe]</span> <span style="font-size:larger;">&nbsp;[file://eossfs/ESS-Release/EdgeSense/Software/MQTTBroker/Windows MQTTBrokerSetup_1.0.3.exe]</span>
<span style="font-size:larger;">&nbsp;[file://eossfs/ESS-Release/EdgeSense/Release/Windows/POC-Battery/1.0.7 POC-IPSM90-1.0.7.exe]</span> <span style="font-size:larger;">&nbsp;[file://eossfs/ESS-Release/EdgeSense/Software/MQTTBroker/Windows MQTTBrokerSetup_1.0.3.exe]</span>
| style="width: 47px; text-align: center;" | <span style="font-size: 15.6px;">7</span>
| style="width: 63px; text-align: center;" | <span style="font-size:larger;">v1.0.8</span>
| style="width: 72px; text-align: center;" | <span style="font-size:larger;">2019/12/27</span>
| style="width: 71px; text-align: center;" | <span style="font-size:larger;">x86_64 CPU</span><br/>
| style="width: 76px; text-align: center;" | <span style="font-size:larger;">Windows</span>
| style="width: 313px;" | <span style="font-size:larger;">&nbsp;</span><p style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size:larger;">[file://eossfs/ESS-Release/EdgeSense/Release/Windows/POC-Battery/1.0.8/POC-IPSM90-ReleaseNote-V1.0.8.txt Release Note v1.0.8]</span></p><br/>
| style="width: 400px; text-align: center;" |
<span style="font-size:larger;">&nbsp;[file://eossfs/ESS-Release/EdgeSense/Release/Windows/POC-Battery/1.0.8 POC-IPSM90-1.0.8.exe]</span>
<span style="font-size:larger;">Above files are available at local server, please paste file's&nbsp;url in File Explorer&nbsp;to copy file. ([[EdgeSense_FAQ|How to access to EOSSFS file server]]&nbsp;)</span>
<span style="font-size:larger;">Above files are available at local server, please paste file's&nbsp;url in File Explorer&nbsp;to copy file. ([[EdgeSense_FAQ|How to access to EOSSFS file server]]&nbsp;)</span>

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POC Battery System implements easily complete supervisory POC battery capacity and charging status.

System Architecture


How to


- EdgeX for IPSM90 Battery Pack

      Download URL:  Provided by Advantech EdgeX API team.

- .NET Framework v4.6

      Download URL: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net46

      Note: Windows 10 already built-in .NET Framework v4.6.

- POC-IPSM90 Battery Application

      Download it from Release table  

- DeviceOn Server and Agent 


      Download URL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x9guop1wlkw1iix/Deviceon-app-M90service_4.1.2.exe?dl=0


      After DeviceOn server is installed, you can open/login DeviceOn portal and download WISE Agent installer from "Add device" page.


1. Download IPSM90 EdgeX API installer and install it on the POC device.

2. Download POC-IPSM90 installer and install it on the POC device, the installer will also help to install MQTT broker if agent machine doesn't install it before.

3. Download DeviceOn server installer and install it on the server machine.

4. Download WISE Agent installer from DeviceOn and install it to the Agent machine (POC device), setup connection with DeviceOn server, please follow below steps: 

  • Launch Web Browser from Agent machine (POC device) and open DeviceOn. (for example
  • Sign Up and Login DeviceOn from Agent machine:

       DeviceOn Local Server 01A.png

  • Change to Device Page, click Download to get WISE Agent Installer (WISE-AgentSetup_1.2.x.exe) and launch it to start installation:

         DeviceOn Local Server 05A.png

  • After Agent is installed, double click WISE Agent icon on the Desktop to launch WISE Agent:

        DeviceOn Local Agent 06.png

  • Open Option page by click top-right settings icon:

        DeviceOn Local Agent 08A.png

  • Copy Credential URL and IoT Key from DeviceOn screen and paste them to the Agent, click Save to apply changes:

          DeviceOn Local Agent 09A.png

Start Program

To launch POC-IPSM90 battery program,  please double click on desktop's POC-IPSM90 icon or click program's shortcut in the Windows Start menu.



Battery Information

After the program launched, there are three pages on the main window, the first page is "Basic" page which is a summary information of the battery. the second page includes power system, POC system & battery detail information together in one page. the third page is the settings for the low power notification of "Warning Message" and "Alarm Sound" and power saving action of "Sleep" and "Shutdown".

Basic Page


Advanced Page


System Setting Page



Server Address

http://<DeviceOn Server IP>:<port>/?appmodule=POC

for example:

POC Battery Device Management


POC Battery Information


Data Log

Long team logs

The log files of long team record are locate in <app installed folder>\POC-IPSM90_LOG\Long-Term\


C:\Program Files (x86)\Advantech\POC-IPSM90\POC-IPSM90_LOG\Long-Term\


Real time logs

The log files of real time record are locate in <app installed folder>\POC-IPSM90_LOG\Real-Time\


C:\Program Files (x86)\Advantech\POC-IPSM90\POC-IPSM90_LOG\Real-Time



This is an overview that displays POC Battery Applivation versions and some stats and numbers for each release.

Index Version Date Platform OS Release Note


1 v1.0.1 2019/05/31 x86_64 CPU

Release Note v1.0.1 RC1


2 v1.0.2 2019/06/28 x86_64 CPU

Release Note v1.0.2


3 v1.0.3 2019/09/04 x86_64 CPU

Release Note v1.0.3


5 v1.0.5 2019/10/23 x86_64 CPU

Release Note v1.0.5

 POC-IPSM90-1.0.5.exe  MQTTBrokerSetup_1.0.3.exe

6 v1.0.6 2019/11/29 x86_64 CPU

Release Note v1.0.6

 POC-IPSM90-1.0.6.exe  MQTTBrokerSetup_1.0.3.exe

7 v1.0.7 2019/12/05 x86_64 CPU

Release Note v1.0.7

 POC-IPSM90-1.0.7.exe  MQTTBrokerSetup_1.0.3.exe

7 v1.0.8 2019/12/27 x86_64 CPU

Release Note v1.0.8


Above files are available at local server, please paste file's url in File Explorer to copy file. (How to access to EOSSFS file server )