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WISE-3240 is base from WISE-3200, The most different is that WISE-3240 insert ZigBee module on board, but WISE-3200 does not have.

WISE-3200/WISE-3240 is the Qualcomm MIPS QCA4531 hardware platform which is operating at OpenWRT.

It's also a RISC based IoT gateway with the following information

Hardware Information

  • CPU: Qualcomm MIPS QCA4531
  • DRAM: 128MB
  • Flash: 128MB
  • RS-232/485
  • Ethernet /RJ45
  • mini PCIE
  • Wireless

software information

  • OpenWrt 15.05.1 BSP
  • Linux kernel 4.4.16
  • 3G module support
  • WISE 1841 Zigbee support
  • IoT gateway software stack and SDK for applicaiton development

IoT gateway software stack and SDK


1. Lua : use of the Shell-scripting language for embedded system


1. LuCI Web :LuCI is | opensource project .It's web-based GUI management interface on OpenWrt .


1. ePaper Manager : automatically connect to ePaper Manager cloud

2. MQTT : pub/sub based messaging protocol which is widely used in IoT application.