Advantech Power Suite

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Advantech Power Suite is a practical value-added tool designed for end-user and customer service experience, which includes the following functions:

Lockdown Utility

Advantech’s embedded device lock function specially designed for Windows 10 & Windows 11, which can be easily set with just one button, without using the Command line operation, and prevents the system from writing or modifying original data without authorization. It can also assist customers to set up a custom startup screen.

  • Startup Manager

Including Shell Launcher, Auto Logon and boot related setting.

  • Unified Write Filter

The Unified Write Filter (UWF) feature is to protect your physical storage media. With UWF enable, your device will become read-only, which protect system from write operations.

Hibernate Once/Resume Many (HOME) helps to quickly turn off or shut down your system, and then restart into the preconfigured state.

  • Keyboard Filter

Keyboard Filter can let you block the predefine keys breakout via a specific key scan code defined by yourself.

  • Embedded Logon

You can configure some advanced boot option.

ADV Image Manager

Advantech further integrates and optimizes the technology of Windows Recovery Environment, and develops a set of backup and restore mechanism, so that customers can quickly perform stand-alone backup and restore operations.

  • Environment

It will replace the built-in WinRE and create “ADV Backup” partition to store the backup image.

  • Backup/Recovery

ADV Image Manager can backup/recover the C:\ partition in the WinRE.

  • Bootable USB Media

You can create bootable USB using backup file created by ADV Image Manager or other wim file.

OS Enhancement Utility

Advantech designed the OS Enhancement tool, which allows customers to quickly and easily configure the system, and provides the function of closing Windows Update.

  • General Settings

OEU includes some Windows features which can be easily configured on the utility.

  • Dual Operator

Users can run two applications with individual keyboard.

  • Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a common way to lock down a Windows device when that device is used for a specific task or used in a public setting.

  • Soft Real-Time

It’s a new feature provided with Win10 IoT Enterprise 21H2. OEU gives an easy way to help you enable and test the Soft Real-Time performance.


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