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IPSO Application Framework

The IPSO Application Framework makes use of IETF standards as building blocks for a simple and efficient RESTful design model for IP smart objects. The framework may be used over either HTTP or CoAP web transfer protocols.

HTTP, REST, XML, JSON, COAP and other key components of web technology are powerful mechanisms in an Internet of Things application.

Note: The objective of the Alliance is not to define technologies, but to document the use of IP-based technologies defined at the standard organizations such as IETF with focus on support by the Alliance of various use cases.

Function Sets: The framework is organized into groups of resource types called Function Sets. A Function Set has a recommended root path, under which its sub-resources are organized. Each Function Set is assigned a Resource Type parameter, therefore making it possible to discover it.

IPSO Smart Object

IPSO Smart Object[2] Guidelines provide a common design pattern, an object model, that can effectively use the IETF CoAP protocol to provide high level interoperability between Smart Object devices and connected software applications on other devices and services
The common object model is based on the Lightweight M2M (LWM2M 1.0) specification from the Open Mobile Alliance. OMA LWM2M is a device management and service architecture specification based on IETF CoAP, and provides a simple and flexible object template (object model) for constrained device management.

The object model from OMA LWM2M is reused to define application level IPSO Smart Objects. This enables the OMA Name Authority (OMNA) to be used to register new objects, and enables existing LWM2M compliant device libraries and server software to be used as an infrastructure for IPSO Smart Objects

This first IPSO Smart Object Guideline describes 18 Smart Object types, including a temperature sensor, a light controller, an accelerometer, a presence sensor, and other common sensor and actuator types representing a variety of use case domains. It is intended as a ?tarter pack??and example of how IPSO Smart Objects can be built to address some application specific use cases

Media Types for Sensor Markup Language (SENML)


SenML JSON Type Description
Base Name bn String This is a string that is prepended to the names found in the entries
Base Time bt Integer A base time that is added to the time found in an entry
Base Units bu String A base unit that is assumed for all entries, unless otherwise indicated
Version ver Number Version number of media type format
Measurement or Parameters e Array Array of values for sensor measurements or other generic parameters
Name n String Name of the sensor or parameter
Units u String Units for a measurement value
Value v Float Value of the entry
String Value sv String
Boolean Value bv Boolean
Value Sum s Float Integrated sum of the values over time
Time t Integer Time when value was recorded
Update Time ut Integer Update time. A time in seconds that represents the maximum time before this sensor will provide an updated reading for a measurement.

The Data Type of Sensor Data Type

Data Type (type) SenML Field
b (boolean) bv
s (string) s
e (enum) e
i (integer) v
d (decimal) v
h(hexadecimal) s
o(octet-stream) s

Advantech Sensor Semantics

SenML JSON Type Description
Min Range Value min Float The minimum value that can be measured by the sensor
Max Range Value max Float The maximum value that can be measured by the sensor
Access Mode asm String The access mode of the resource. Ex: read (r), write (w), read/write (rw)
Standard Format st String The sensor format is which standard format
Health Status Health Integer The health status of network or device. Range: -1 ~ 100

Good: > 80, Average: 60 ~ 80, Below Average: 40~60, Bad:0~40, -1: Off line or Fault

Message msg String Message for resource
Extension exten String Field for exten in String
Extension Msg extMsg JSON Extension message in JSON Object


{"n":"Room Temp","u":"Cel","v":0,"min":0,"max":100,"asm":"r","type":"d","rt":"ucum.Cel","st":"ipso","exten":"sid=3303", "extMsg"{JSON Obj}}