Bluetooth Testing Guide for Quark Platform

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Getting Started


${BSP_HOME} : the directory BSP pack extracted to
e.g. ~/LBV2011/meta-clanton_v1.2.0
${BT_MAC_ADDR} : Bluetooth peer device's MAC address
${FILE} : test file that be sent to peer device


All operations in this guide are based on BlueZ5, please make sure the verion of BSP is V2.011 at least.

Convert BlueZ4 to BueZ5 if BSP quarkLBV2011 used

In LBV2011 the BlueZ4 is used by default, it is necessary to do the following precedures to convert to BlueZ5.

Download the QuarkLBV2011_convert_to_BlueZ5.tar.gz, and execute the following command:
$ tar xvf QuarkLBV2011_convert_to_BlueZ5.tar.gz -C ${BSP_HOME}
Rebuild all image files(click this for details)

Bluetooth/WiFi mini-PCIe card


Testing Operations

Pair the peer device

If peer device is not paired ever...
# ./ ${BT_MAC_ADDR}
If peer device has paired, repair it...
# ./ -u ${BT_MAC_ADDR}

Send the specified file to the peer device

While the configuration of the peer device is ready...
# ./ ${BT_MAC_ADDR} ${FILE}