Some notices for getting the BSP from GitHub ADVANTECH-Corp

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Getting Started


${INTEL_BSP_VER} : the Intel Quark BSP version
e.g. v1.2.0
${BSP_HOME} : the home directory the BSP located to
e.g. ~/adv-quark-bsp/meta-clanton_${INTEL_BSP_VER}

Supported version

Intel Quark BSP v1.2.0
Intel Quark BSP v1.2.1.1

Fetching the BSP

Please refer to this to setup repo first
$ mkdir ~/adv-quark-bsp
$ cd ~/adv-quark-bsp 
$ repo init -u -m ${INTEL_BSP_VER}.xml
$ repo sync
$ cd meta-clanton_${INTEL_BSP_VER}

Prebuilt image pack

There is no prebuilt image pack in the BSP fetched from GitHub, so creating all image files from the ground up.

There is no in the BSP fetched from GitHub, so there is no need to run while creating one new build environment.