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Update Ubuntu/Debian Rootfs on Your Device

Update your device(EMMC)

  • Your Device is Yocto version
  • Prepare the SD Card Linux Image(Yocto version)
  • Prepare the Ubuntu /Debian rootfs

Prepare the Ubuntu /Debian rootfs

Ubuntu Rootfs Name : u1404-rootfs-armhf.tgz Debian Rootfs Name : rootfs.tar.bz2

Update your device(EMMC)

  • System Boot up form SD card.
  • Check your EMMC the partition number.
  • Remove your yocto rootfs form your device(EMMC).

(Check your EMMC rootfs) (If your EMMC partition rootfs is mmcblk0p2)

rm -rf /dev/mmcblk0p2/*
  • Copy the Ubuntu/Debian Rootfs to your device partition.

mkdir /temp
mount /dev/sda1 /temp
cp -a /temp/u1404-rootfs-armhf.tgz /dev/mmcblk0p2
cd /dev/mmcblk0p2
tar zxvf u1404-rootfs-armhf.tgz
rm -rf u1404-rootfs-armhf.tgz

Ubuntu rootfs LXDE versioin

LXDE (abbreviation for Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) is a free desktop environment with comparatively low resource requirements.


modules & firmware

Copy the modules.tgz to /lib/modules.

Depending on chosen kernel, please copy/install proper modules $ROOTFS/lib/modules.

Depending the official build version :

For example : 4411A1LIV8210 Check your lib module path


Load module

depmod -a 4.1.15-official_build_version
If you already insert module, please send command "lsmod" and check it.

Check your load module


Depending on chosen kernel, please copy/install firmware $ROOTFS/lib/firmwware.