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This page introduces Advantech Predictive Maintenance and Quality ( PMQ ) solution.

Predictive Maintenance and Quality

    PMQ solution aquire multiple data sources in real time to predict asset failure or quality issues so your organization can avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Driven by predictive analytics, these solutions detect even minor anomalies and failure patterns to determine the assets and operational processes that are at the greatest risk of problems or failure. This early identification of potential concerns helps you deploy limited resources more cost effectively, maximize equipment uptime and enhance quality and supply chain processes, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

    Advantech PMQ solution includes the deployment of the trained model to make predictions and visualization UI and recommendations for corresponding strategies. The objective is to provide software developers basic concepts and better understating of PMQ deployment and to be more effective to bring your predictive model to production with Advantech PMQ architecture.

Edge Intelligence


   Advantech EIS adopts edge computing architecture for its IoT solution. Edge computing is a distributed information technology (IT) architecture in which client data is processed at the periphery of the network, as close to the originating source as possible.

Time-sensitive data in edge computing may be processed at the point of origin by an intelligent device or sent to an intermediary server located in close geographical proximity to the client.

Data that is less time sensitive is sent to the cloud for historical analysis, big data analytics, and long-term storage.

Advantech PMQ

Advantech PMQ Solution means for Customer:


* IPC / IoT / Vertical Sensor Data Acquire & Storage

     Advantech’s focus is on edge device development, to ensure that the EIS software suite includes the southbound sensing device connectivity that handles diverse sensing protocols such as Modbus, OPC, BACnet, Wireless IP/NonIP, and so on. Those protocols are plugin modules that take care of sensor data, data normalization, and communication The EIS mainly handles the northbound cloud connectivity and intelligence facilities; these are based on the micro service container to modularize the different cloud connections and device management.

* Big Data Storage and Analytics

 Edge Intelligence Server collects data and sends to WISE-PaaS then storages in NoSQL DB. WISE-PaaS provides rich REST APIs to aquire data for data pre-process and analysis. 

* Visualization & Maintenance

   * Deploy / Upgrade by OTA

* Event / Action 

* Acceleration – for PoC, PoV and Production

PMQ Lifecycle and Architecture



Overview of Advantech PMQ

EIS PMQ Framework

    Advantech EIS adopts edge computing architecture for its IoT solution as below picture. EIS enables local IoT networks to perform edge intelligence to maximize energy efficiency, reduce privacy threats, promote easy implementation and modularization, and minimize latencies.

    The EIS intelligence facilities also adopt the micro service container to deal with the data ingestion workload such as data pre-processing and cleaning. The most valuable faculty in the EIS software suite is streaming analytics. Advantech provides the IPC device PMQ (Predictive Maintenance and Quality) to prove the concept of prediction in the edge field for real-time analytics and upgrade the analytic module that is also based on the micro service container technology from the cloud service for updating more accuracy analytic purpose. The customer can leverage such a framework to develop their own analytic module or PMQ module with EIS open standard architecture. The entire open standard follows the MQTT protocol and the Docker container technology as its foundation framework.

PMQ Service Framework

Advantech PMQ Model

Advantech provides IPC key components (e.g. HDD Disk, ... ) failure predictive model.  Here is the step of training HDD Disk Failure predictive model for your reference.

HDD Failure Prediction Model

1. Get the HDD raw data

2. Get useful HDD information


3. Flow of training mathematics module


Using Logistic Regression Algorithm to classify the false samples in red and the true samples in blue.


4. Benchmark for PMQ accuracy 


5. Alert and Suggestion of HDD PMQ 

  1. of Event
Event Message Suggestion ( Action ) Message Condition
1 Over temperature

Lower system temperature (<40°C)

smart5 >= 10 || smart197 >= 2
2 Disk aging. Backup data to new disk. smart9 >= 26280
3 Disk read/writes error frequently.

Backup data to new disk.

smart187 >= 1
4 Power failure Check power source smart192 >= 190

How To

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Visualization and Maintenance with WISE-PaaS/RMM

If Advantech PMQ service running on edge device. There will have a  PMQ icon ( RED frame ) as below picture on WISE-PaaS/RMM device manager. To click this icon then pop up PMQ Dialog as "Predictive Goo/Failure".


Health: Good: (100% ~ 46 %), Warning: ( 45% ~ 34%), Bad: ( 33% ~ 0% )

Predictive Good

Predictive Failure

Make a PMQ Service

    Customer can implement its own PMQ service as developing a plug-in handler.  The PMQ plug-in handler includes collecting raw data and built-in have been trained model to predictive failure rate. 

We also provide the PMQ plug-in Sample help customer develop its PMQ service with Advantech PMQ System.

You can refer the WISE-Agent Sample Handler for detail about "How to develop a plug-in." 

You can download PMQ plug-in sample at Github Sample/PMQ-SamplePlugin

git clone --branch v3.3

Package PMQ Installation Package

PMQ Service Installer

Customer need modify the "agent_config.xml" follow below rule

<DeviceName>  : Plugin-Name ( ex: HDD_PMQ )
<DevID>       : <DeviceName>  => ( ex: HDD_PMQ )
DevType       : Service ( Fixed ) 

OTA Installation Package

 WISE-PaaS/OTA Packager Tool:

    Customer needs use this OTA Packager Tool  to package your PMQ Service OTA Installation Package. 

Nameing Rule:   Please follow the name rule for PMQ OTA Installation Package.

   Agent_<ServiceName>_<Version>.zip  ( Example: )

Install / Upgrade

Install HDD_PMQ Agent in Windows System

Execute "Agent_HDD_PMQ.exe" to install the HDD_PMQ Agent, and follow the steps to finish the installation.






Install HDD_PMQ Agent in RMM 3.3 Agent Plus version in Windows System


The RMM 3.3 Agent Plus installer provide three different type installations: Typical, Custom and Complete.


The RMM 3.3 Agent Plus include three program features:

1. MQTT Broker for internal MQTT bus.

2. RMM 3.3 Agent to communicate between WISE-PaaS/RMM Server and MQTT bus.

3. HDD_PMQ Agent for HDD smart retrieve and PMQ caculate then report to MQTT bus.



In rest to steps, the installer will trigger the MQTT Broker, RMM 3.3 Agent and HDD_PMQ Agent installer sequentially.



The detail of RMM 3.3 Agent Installation is skipped to focused on RMM 3.3 Agent Plus Installation.



Update HDD_PMQ Agent

Upload OTA upgrade package to OTA Server.

Upload PMQ.png

Upload PMQ 1.png

Select HDD_PQM Update Package to upgrade target devices.