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When it comes to the Internet of Things, Scalability and Flexibility are always the key of a successful IoT software architecture. With this concepts in our designer's mind, SUSI IoT becomes an IoT-oriented library aiming at simplifying the complicated IoT integration developing works. To achieve this purpose, SUSI IoT provides an simple unified interface sets to our users to access various of hardware or software modules. Up to 2015, SUSIIoT has been supporting plenty of modules: SUSI, SUSIDevice, M2Talk, Schneider UPS, GPS, etc.

The data format of SUSI IoT is designed based on JSON and IPSO, developers and users can easily integrate with it, it's friendly to be extended to other programming languages for further use. Users are able to get the capability JSON to know what modules are supported on this machine, and also be able to set/get a data item on the capability list by using a certain JSON format. On the other hand, developers can create a compatible module by following the framework: (1) report the supporting items in capability JSON, and (2) convert the low level data into JSON format for set/get use.





Installation on Linux

1. Untar the SUSI IoT tar.gz file


2. Change directory to “release/library” folder and execute "./install.sh"