WISE-PaaS/RMM Server

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The WISE-PaaS/RMM Server centralizes management of each device/gateway/sensor, through MQTT 3-way handshake protocol for communication. Not only remote control these devices, but collect and analytics each sensor information. The remote features including terminal, screenshot, remote KVM (via VNC Server), power control, protection (via McAfee), recovery (via Acronis) and so on.

In addition, provide several Restful APIs (more than 140+) for application/UI to integrate. More than 500 million devices will be added to the expanding IoT during 2016. Therefore the cluster server/dynamic load balancing designed is required. Leverage latest technology and open source project to achieve these goals. For instance, ZeroMQ, and RabbitMQ. On the database part, adopt PostgreSQL to process related data, and MongoDB for sensor store/calculate.


In order to manage lots of device and sensors. The single machine cannot have much more capability, therefore parallel extension and load balancing that we focus. Adopt a different open source project and technology to deal with these problems. Such as ZeroMQ and RabbitMQ. We have 3 layers for server structure, web, server and message brokers, each layer support parallel extension. The blue diagram like a virtual machine, work independently.

Currently use PostgreSQL for relation database and MongoDB on sensor data store/calculate Next, integrated public cloud (DocumentDB/Hbase) is planning to solve storage problems, due to huge sensor raw data. Furthermore, advanced data analytic and predict on machine learning.

WISE-PaaS RMM Structure.png