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When developers want to write an application that involves hardware access, they have to study the specifications to write the drivers. This is a time-consuming job and requires lots of expertise. Advantech has done all the hard work for our customers with the release of a suite of Software APIs, Application Programming Interfaces, which is a Bridge to Simplify & Enhance H/W & Application Implementation Efficiency. Nowadays, Advantech provides our sample application demos, HW drivers and APIs. The drivers which are keeping in maintenance included Secured & Unified Smart Interface (SUSI) 4.0, 3.02 and iManager 2.0. Only SUSI4 driver is on developing, so we recommend SUSI4 to new customers.

Drivers and APIs

iManager 2.0

Advantech's EC platforms come equipped with iManager, a micro controller that provides embedded features for system integrators. Embedded features have been moved from the OS/BIOS level to the board level, to increase reliability and simplify integration.

SUSI 3.02

SUSI 3.02 provides not only the underlying drivers required but also a rich set of user-friendly, intelligent and integrated interfaces, which speeds development, enhances security and offers add-on value for Advantech platforms. SUSI plays the role of catalyst between developer and solution, and makes Advantech embedded platforms easier and simpler to adopt and operate with customer applications.

SUSI 4.0

SUSI 4.0 driver supports include not only newer SUSI 4.0 APIs, but also the APIs of SUSI 3.02 and iManager 2.0. Therefore, the old customers, who bought SUSI 3.02 or iManager 2.0 before, can install SUSI 4.0 driver with no effort. Customers will enjoy better performance which is SUSI 4.0 driver carries out.


SUSI AI is used to get and set information of AI accelerated devices, such as NVIDIA x86 GPU card, NVIDIA ARM platform, and Intel x86 CPU / GPU; meanwhile, information of docker image and container could be retrieved as well.

SUSI Device

SUSI Device is auxiliary library that depends on SUSI library, making customers access some SMBus devices, such as G-Sensor, RAM, Battery and so on, more efficiently.


SUSI CANBus API provides customers to manipulate Advantech Embedded Controller functions, including send, receive and set configuration etc.


SUSI IoT is an IoT-oriented library aiming at simplifying the complicated IoT integration developing works. SUSI IoT provides an simple unified interface sets to our users to access various of hardware or software modules.


Installation on Windows

Provided with a installer package, follow the steps to install SUSI in Windows OS.

Installation on Linux

1. Installation

Untar the SUSI 4.2 tar.gz file


Change directory to “SUSI4.2.*/Driver” folder and execute "" and accept the license agreement.


2. Uninstallation

Change directory to “SUSI4.2.*/Driver” folder and execute " u".



SUSI4 Sample Code