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Advantech Power Suite (APS) is a practical value-added tool designed for end-user and customer service experience. APS support Windows 10 IoT, Windows 11 IoT, and Ubuntu Desktop LTS. These are the main functions to be included:

Lockdown Utility

Advantech’s embedded device lock function can be easily set with just one button, without using the Command line operation, and prevents the system from writing or modifying original data without authorization. It can also assist customers to set up a custom startup screen.

  • Automatic logon

Automatically logon with specific user when system boot up.

  • Keyboard Filter

You can configure a breakout key sequence to switch out a locked down account by specifying a key scan code.

  • Physical storage Protection features

Enabling this function to make a read-only root file system, which protect your physical storage media from write operations.

ADV Image Manager

Advantech further integrates and optimizes the technology of OS Recovery Environment, and develops a set of backup and restore mechanism, so that can quickly perform stand-alone backup and restore operations. By utilizing this tool, users can predominantly perform three tasks: creating an environment for OS backup and recovery.

OS Enhancement Utility

Advantech designed the OS Enhancement tool, which allows customers to quickly and easily configure the system, and provides the function of closing security and quality Update.

  • System General Settings

Users could enable/disable settings like system notifications, security update, touch, and more by this tool.

  • Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode is a common way to lock down a Windows or Ubuntu device when that device is used for a specific task or used in a public setting.

  • Kernel Panic Reboot (for Ubuntu)

When enabled the Auto-restart on Kernel Panic feature, Ubuntu system will automatically reboot when encountering a kernel panic to prevent the screen from freezing.

Advantech Power Suite features may vary between Windows and Ubuntu operating systems. The information provided above are general in nature. For more specific details on features available of each operating system, please refer to the User Manual.




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