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Node-RED is a visual wiring tool for the Internet of Things and is provided by IBM Emerging Technologies. Node-Red has several features, including browser-based flow editing, built on Node.js and social development. Because of browser-based, the user can use it more easily. Node-Red is based on Node.js, so user can use its nodes by using JavaScript. Node-Red also have many active communities. If the user finds bugs, he can find a solution and fix it easily. The user can use JSON format string to import or export the created flow easily.
A lot of useful nodes are provided by Advantech NodeRed Server IoTGateway installer, including node-red-contrib-flow-dispatcher, node-red-contrib-susi and node-red-contrib-virtual-app-node. In this section, we are gonna introduce another two node groups, ui-flow-creator and WISE-PaaS-RMM. ui-flow-creator provides nodes to quickly, easily and automatically generate flows to represent dashboard for Advantech platforms supported by SUSIIoT. WISE-PaaS-RMM nodes make communications between NodeRED nodes and RMM agent can be easily achieved.

Node-RED Server Iot Gateway Sample.png

Node-Red Plug-ins Catogries


Category Description Nodes
UI-Flow-Creator Provid  functions to auto-generate a flow with node-red-dashboard nodes to represent a device dashboard.
UI-Flow-Creator nodes depend on node-susi and node-susiiot packages to read data and control devices.

WISE-PaaS-RMMprovides nodes to communicate with RMM Agent. Sending data to agent, receiving messages from agent and response RMM RESTful requests.


NodeRed Plug-ins Description

Node Name Description Input Output
nr_ui_flow_creator Auto-generate flow with node-red-dashboard nodes to represent the device dashboard according to user selected groups.
Require node-susi and node-susiiot packages.
Auto-generated an inject node after flow deployment. Auto-generated outputs according to user selected groups after flow deployment.
nr_ui_creator_ctrl Control devices according injected values .
Require node-susi and node-susiiot packages.
SUSIIoT control information in 'topic' propery and control value in 'payload' property. Control result returned by SUSIIoT.

Send injected IPSO JSON string to RMM agent.

A string in 'payload' property which will be passed to RMM agent.

Receive messages from RMM agent with specified name and topics.

None The received message (or RESTful request) from RMM agent is included in 'req' property.

Response RESTful requests. The injected data must contain the source request information.

Source request is included in 'req' property and the corresponding response is in 'rep' property. None

Demo Video Clips

Video Demo Title Link
NodeRED server IoT gateway installation and demonstration